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      Cattle and cotton candy in large supply at Dickinson County Fair

      Friday was an exciting, but competitive day for 4-H youth at the Dickinson County Fair. It was the Market Livestock show and judging, something they've been preparing for, for quite some time.

      Collin Carlson showed his steer, who he washed, combed, and dried every day, but it wasnâ??t all he did. â??This is my third or fourth year," said Carlson. â??I show sheep and pigs, too.â?? And Collin wasnâ??t a novice when it came to the judging. His steer came in first place on Friday.

      But if you're not into the larger animals, fear not, because hogs, goats, chickens, and rabbits are also on the docket for judging. Though the take-home money after auction is an encouragement to the kids, the animals have a less than fortunate outcome. â??They go to a butcher shop,â?? said Judd Gregg, who shows hogs. â??The people that buy them get the meat delivered.â?? It may be a subject better left unspoken.

      But if youâ??ve ever been to a county fair, you would know that food is in abundance. The cotton candy alone can easily be an excuse to come to the fair, but rides, exhibits, and, of course, the animals will make the experience that much more worthwhile.