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      Cautious times for motorists as County Road 492 faces repairs

      The $800,000 construction project on County Road 492 is underway and motorists need to be cautious.

      Two one-mile sections of the road are down to one lane as contractor Payne and Dolan work on 492. They're doing what's called a crush and shape.

      Gravel is placed on the road and then pulverized along with the existing asphalt, and then they can re-shape and pave the road. Crews hope this will add new life to the road.

      "The road was starting to fall apart, multiple pot holes, patches upon patches so it was literally falling apart, it was time to do something with it," said Director of Engineering Kurt Taavola. "When we do this to a road we hope to get another good 20 or more years out of it. You're getting good use out of that existing asphalt that's there, and it makes a really good base."

      Crews will also be widening the road, allowing for a paved shoulder. The road work also coincides with repairs to County Road 601 near Republic. The work is expected to be completed in about two weeks.