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      Celebrate National Library Week in Marquette

      The Peter White Public Library in Marquette is celebrating National Library Week.

      It is sponsored by the American Library Association and started in 1966. Libraries across the nation feature programs and events to highlight the programs and services they offer.

      Peter White Library Director Pam Christensen says they play a key role in the community.

      "People call the Peter White Public Library 'the heart of the community.' People say it's the first place that they bring friends and relatives who come from out of town. We've been told that the library is one of the things that attracted them here," said Christensen.

      The Peter White Public Library will be screening a film on Tuesday night as part of their celebration. The movie is Robot and Frank, and it's at 7 p.m. For a full list of events at the library, you can head over to the Peter White Public Library website.