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      Celebrate the safe way

      Public Heath Delta County officials say holiday celebrations tend to go hand-in-hand with alcohol. Theyâ??re reminding the community to drink in moderation, and use a designated driver.

      During the holiday season, alcohol-related incidents and deaths are at a high. So, if you plan to celebrate with an adult beverage, avoid injury to yourself or others by making a safe plan before you start drinking.

      â??Once we start drinking, our inhibitions drop,â?? said Ruth Botbyl, Public Health Prevention Specialist. â??And we're having fun and we want to have a little bit more, and we kind of lose track of how much we really are drinking and realize we're kind of stuck and don't have anybody to take us home."

      The Public Health Department has provided posters to alcohol-serving businesses throughout Delta County. These list the phone numbers of local taxi companies.

      But how much is too much? Typically, one drink per hour, with a maximum of two drinks, is a recommended safe amount. However, officials say this is not the magic number. Alcohol affects each person differently.

      "I use a rule if thumb,â?? explained Det. Todd Chouinard at Escanaba Public Safety. â??If you have children or grandchildren, if you would not drive with them in your vehicle at that time, don't drive on the road at all."

      Public Health Delta County recommends serving non-alcoholic drink options at holiday parties. They also suggest taking the focus off drinking by serving food and playing games.

      Karen Sergeant, Prevention Specialist at public health, reminds us, "If you see somebody else out that may be too intoxicated to drive, it might be a good idea to try and offer some assistance or alert somebody. You could be saving a life," said Sergeant.

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