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      Celebrating 25 years of Bridgefest

      Ferdy Peterlin has been quenching the thirst of Bridgefest and Seafood Fest patrons for a quarter of a century, and he even remodeled a 1956 fire truck into a draft truck.

      â??We are the distributors of mainly beer, wine, bottled water, juices, teas, and mixers. If itâ??s liquid, we sell it,â?? said Peterlin.

      Peterlin says even though heâ??s been a part of an event that draws in thousands of people this time of year, heâ??s not the only one putting in a lot of hard work.

      â??The Rotarians are the ones who basically carry this side of the canal, and they are a huge help to the community,â?? Peterlin said.

      For many, Bridgefest is a family tradition, and that tradition includes celebrating the Portage Lake Lift Bridge which was built 53 years ago.

      â??Without the bridge, itâ??s the lifeline, and sometimes when thereâ??s construction or a boat going up, itâ??s kind of a little bit of a patience tester. But for the most part, itâ??s a very attractive looking bridge. There are only a couple of those like that in the world,â?? Peterlin said.

      Many crossed the bridge to enjoy helicopter rides in Hancock while others watched a water ski show, wooden chain saw carvings and, of course, people ate plenty of seafood.

      Some chose to admire old classic cars, and once the sun went down, fireworks lit up the night sky.