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      Celebrating a goal with a marathon

      Four women are headed to the Chicago half marathon this weekend, all to run on behalf of a new class they've created.

      They're gynecologists in Marquette, and they've worked with the YMCA to create a class for post-partum mothers. The class will focus on exercise and nutrition of new moms. So far, they've raised over $17,000 for the class, and they're celebrating by running in the marathon.

      "New moms feel like they aren't really allowed to go out and do anything for themselves. They feel like they have to be home with their baby and that exercise and nutrition portion goes to the wayside. So, I think that this is a class that can kind of teach them kind of how to incorporate them all," said OBGYN Dr. Breanna Pond.

      The class is set to start up in the next few weeks.