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      Celebrating a life

      There was a large turnout for a memorial service for Senaz Nezami on the campus of Michigan Tech University. She's the woman who was allegedly beaten to death by her husband. Students, faculty and community members filled up the Memorial Union Building on Tech's campus. The service featured a multi-religion prayer for Nezami.

      Her death sparked national interest after her family, living in Iran, were able to connect with the staff at Marquette General via the Internet prior to her death. Those who spoke at the service hope to send home a message.

      "It can happen to anyone and it doesn't matter what your culture is, where you live, what your income status is or any of that, that anybody can be a victim, as well as anybody can be a batterer," said Mary Niemela, a guest speaker at the service. "I think the thing we should continue to do is to keep talking about this and listening to those that are reaching out for help."

      Nezami's family donated her organs to those in need of transplants. Nima Nassiri, her husband, remains in the Houghton County jail on a second degree murder charge.