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      Celebrating FinnFest with the Finns

      Tanja Stanaway is from Kokkola, Finland and wore a traditional Finnish dress to this year's FinnFest celebration.

      Even though Stanaway has been living in the U.P. for the past 40 years, she seemed pleasantly overwhelmed with this year's FinnFest hosted by Copper Country.

      "One word, great. There are so many Finns here. In the Upper Peninsula, there are a lot of Finnish people and even when it's raining, they're still here," said Stanaway.

      Stanaway has also been singing Finnish folk music since she was a child.

      "One of the ones I do is called "Emma's Waltz". It's really nice and a lot of people request that because they recognize that song," Stanaway said.

      Pentti Sainio is from Kajaani and served as an officer in the field artillery for Finland during the 1970s.

      "We present historical things from World War II from Finland. There is a military war display that is very effective concerning the Finnish Winter War and Continuation War," said Pentti Sainio.

      If you are interested in seeing what FinnFest has to offer, click here.