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      Celebrating Lake Superior

      The community of Copper Harbor gathered Sunday afternoon at the boardwalk for a picnic to celebrate Lake Superior Day.

      For hundreds of years, Lake Superior has been an essential part of life in the U.P. It's been a hub for natural resources, creating local jobs and recreational use. So residents are celebrating it on July 21, the official Lake Superior Day.

      "I think we need to realize that Lake Superior is from us all; that we all need to help steward the lake. Second of all, I think we need to make sure that other people understand what it is to experience Lake Superior," said Marcel Dijkstra, Michigan Tech University.

      It's the largest fresh water lake on Earth. However, the celebration is also to educate the community of the health of the lake as well as the importance of keeping it clean.

      "The reason we have to keep Lake Superior clean, so clean, is because it takes 500 years for this lake to renew itself with a complete new body of water," said Don Kilpela.

      The Student Organization of Aquatic Robotics, or SOAR, from Dollar Bay High School, were also there showcasing their robots. They talked about the importance of stopping the growth of invasive species in the lake like zebra mussel.

      The SOAR program has partnered with Isle Royale.

      "Right now the reason that Isle Royale is different for most shipwreck areas is because you can actually see them whereas in Lake Huron, the shipwreck area is completely covered in zebra mussel. So you can't any longer view them. So right now we're working on preserving our shipwrecks," said Anna Backman.

      Visitors also got to enjoy good food, music, and even participate in a canoe race. This is an event that makes the U.P. Someplace Special.