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      Celebrating Pi Day

      You probably didn't know that Saturday is Pi Day. No|not the kind of pie you eat, but the mathematical constant equal to approximately 3.14.

      Junior high and high school students from the eastern U.P. celebrated Pi one day early by participating in a math bowl. The competition, held at Lake Superior State University, was put on by the LSSU Mathematics Department.

      Teams of four went head to head and put what they've been learning in classroom to practice.

      The math department hopes the event will get kids excited about math, and so far, their plan seems to be working.

      "Last year we sent a team, we sent several teams from Rudyard and it was a lot of fun," says Carrie Berkompas, a freshman at Rudyard. "I Look forward to doing it again this year. I liked it, it was a lot of fun."

      Due to this year's great response, the LSSU Mathematics Department is planning to make the Pi Day math bowl a yearly tradition.

      TV6 Contributor Jade Olds, Sault Ste. Marie