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      Celebrating the true meaning of Christmas

      Tuesday was a day for family and exchanging of gifts among loved ones and Santa's presents for the youngsters. However, Christmas is more than that, there's the religious significance.

      Father Ben Paris of St.Louis The King Church in Chocolay Township says with the turmoil in the world today, people are looking for a sign. He says that sign came thousands of years ago. Religious leaders say Christmas is about celebrating the gift God gave to mankind - his son, Jesus Christ. It's about rejoicing in Christ's birth.

      "It was through the graciousness of God that he sent his son so that we can have the hope of eternal life, and to me, that gift you can't wrap, you can't purchase - I mean that's just so fantastic," said Father Paris. So it's important to remember, that Christmas and everyday are more than just the materialistic things in life.