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      Celebrity dances his way to Marquette

      It's not every day a celebrity travels to the Upper Peninsula. So when Kent Boyd, a star from season seven on the national dance show 'So You Think You Can Dance,' entered Kaufman Auditorium to teach a class, you can imagine the cheers and applause that erupted.

      "Some of the kids were telling me that they don't get a whole lot of opportunities like this, so it's awesome that I can come and teach these kids and get to know some of them, and share some of the stuff that I know from living in Los Angeles and being on 'So You Think You Can Dance.' It's awesome because they're really excited, and they're really hungry, which is great," said Boyd.

      Kent came to Marquette to teach multiple dance classes Wednesday for the Blueberry Dance Festival. He has experience in many forms of dance, with contemporary being his most notable.

      "I watched some of his stuff on YouTube, and he's a very good dancer. He is tough, he's a tough teacher, which is awesome. I love it, it's great," said Maggie Barch, a Blueberry Dance Festival participant.

      Kent is from Bokins, Ohio and has been dancing since he was eight years old. But since being on 'So You Think You Can Dance,' he's been able to acquire new skills from professionals in Los Angeles.

      "I think it's awesome. He is a really good dancer, and I'm proud to be in his class. He's been teaching me different types of contemporary choreography that will help me be more expressive through my movement," said Charlie Edwards, a Blueberry Dance Festival participant.

      Kent says one of the best pieces of advice dancers can take away from his class is to be confident and beautiful in their own skin, and that they can dance any way they please.

      The large group of dancers who attended Kent's classes will perform the choreography learned Wednesday at the Blueberry Dance Festival group performance Thursday night at 7:30.