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      Center hosts fundraiser dance for steeple repairs

      The Keweenaw Heritage Center at St. Anneâ??s church in Calumet is hosting a dance Friday evening to raise money to fix the steeple that was struck by lightning on Sunday.

      The St. Anneâ??s steeple has been struck by lightning before in 2011 and was struck again this past Sunday afternoon. The heritage center is hoping to repair the steeple and install lightning rods to prevent another strike.

      Heritage center members say they hope to keep the church in good condition for the community.

      â??The building is on the corner of 5th street, and it's the entrance to the village of Calumet,â?? said Keweenaw Heritage Center board chair Phyllis Locatelli. â??We certainly want to have a good-looking building to welcome people into our village.â??

      The dance will be held in the basement of the heritage center from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Admission will be five dollars, and all proceeds will go toward the steeple repairs.