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      Central American refugees coming to Michigan

      The federal government has announced that 48 child refugees from Central America will be given short term shelter in Michigan at the end of the month.

      The Lutheran Social Services of Michigan will house children at Wellspring Youth Facilities in Farmington Hills and Bay City. The children will be given shelter, nutrition and age-appropriate activities and work to create stability for them. No child will stay at the facilities for longer than 90 days.

      We asked people around Upper Michigan what they thought about immigrant children being given shelter in Michigan.

      "I certainly do coming from the situation that I am, I would house a kid for free, you know what I mean? No charge to them," says Kevin Rico. "I would take it out of my wallet if I could; I don't see why America wouldn't take it out of their wallet."

      "As humanitarians, we should be lending a hand to these children, but as an individual I'm disappointed in our government and have been with their ability to take care of what's been going on at the border," says Jeff Richardson

      All required medical costs for the children will be paid through a federal health care program.