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      Century old building back up and running

      After a quiet and empty past four years, the Nahma Inn, located in the small town of Nahma, has recently reopened its doors.

      The century old building is now a hotel and restaurant and despite its rural location, business seems to be booming.

      It took awhile for the Macintosh's to get the place back in shape, from new plumbing to refinishing all the hard wood floors. But despite the tough work, it's been a dream of theirs to restore and open a business like this.

      "I found this online and we looked at it one day, boots on, came marching up through the snow, knowing it had been shutdown for four years, and we walked in and both fell in love with it," explained co-owner, Laurie Macintosh. "It's our little money pit, but it's amazing."

      Despite its location, the town's rich history and family, generations have been keeping the Macintosh's busy since opening up a few months ago.

      "It was a company town owned by Bay de Noc Lumber Company and all the houses," said co-owner Charley Macintosh. "It employed well over a thousand people here at one time. I was really impressed by how many people come back every year to this place, just because they have parents, grandparents, or aunts or uncles."

      "Fridays and Saturdays have been excellent and Sundays are picking up," Laurie explained. "Even during the week we've been really busy. The only day we're closed is Mondays and we've even had people pull up on Mondays."

      The Macintoshs say hundreds of people have walked through the doors since they re-opened the Inn on Memorial Day weekend. They say people have come from all over the country and even some overseas, along with some occasional spiritual visitors.

      "I've heard footsteps constantly. I've had coins drop out of the ceiling at me," Laurie said. "Whoever he or she is, really, really enjoys having people around."

      This year, the Inn celebrates its 100th birthday, and the Mackintoshs plan to have a celebration Labor Day weekend.