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      CEO talks logging, forest products and the Upper Peninsula

      Donna Harman, the CEO of the American Forest and Paper Association, was in Marquette to talk about the economic impact of logging and the production of forest products in the Upper Peninsula. She says the logging industry is increasing because of the growth of companies like Verso Paper Corporation.

      As a leading producer of paper in the U.P., she also says a strong, vibrant economy is what is needed for the growth of timber and forest products. Harman pointed out that the industry has faced challenges.

      â??Weâ??ve seen some slowdowns as a result of government uncertainty with regulations, some slows as a result of markets in Europe. Itâ??s a very globally impacted industry,â?? said Harman.

      Harman says the better the economy, thereâ??s more job growth and more disposable income people will use to buy these products.

      She will be meeting with the Marquette Economic Club on Monday evening.