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      Chamber reaches out to businesses with new website

      The Keweenaw Chamber of C ommerce is introducing some new services to the local businesses as well as the community.

      For the past year, the chamber has worked hard on a strategic plan to help find their place in the community. After working with business leaders and doing some online research, they found small businesses needed their support. The chamber decided to focus more attention on them, and one way they're doing that is with the introduction of a new website.

      "The reason for the website is we found, through strategic planning, that in our community, in the Keweenaw, there was a lot of confusion about where I'm supposed to go if I'm a small business or where am I supposed to go if I'm moving there?" said Chamber Secretary Karyn Olsson.

      The website was created as a tool to help provide information for the local businesses as well as strengthen them. The chamber is also working on a new magazine, and they say the community can look forward to marketing and customer service seminars.