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      Champion suffers wind damage

      It's been a stormy couple of days for much of Upper Michigan. Wednesday night, high winds knocked down several large trees in Champion in western Marquette County.

      Jared Kleczka and his son surveyed the damage. Around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday night, Champion was hit hard by high winds and heavy rain.

      "The rain was little at first, then all of a sudden it was intense. Very intense rains, very intense winds, and well, just another day in Champion I guess," said Kleczka.

      Damaged and bent trees are seen around every corner, but this one maple tree (see picture) may have been the biggest. It took some intense wind speeds to knock down a tree that size. The base appeared to have a diameter of about three feet or more.

      "This is one of the windows that blew out of my house last night," said 12-year-old Jesse Schultz, holding up a broken window.

      Schultz, who lives nearby, says he had a close encounter with what felt like a tornado in his backyard.

      "It sounded like gun bullets were hitting the house," Schultz said. "The windows started pressing in, and me and my brother ran away from the windows because we thought they were going to break, and then all of a sudden it stopped, so we looked out the window and this big tree was down, and we came out here and this is what we saw."

      The white pine in his yard was over 100 feet tall but now is on its side.

      Another home lucked out when a fallen tree landed on their garage, leaving the house seemingly undamaged. Kleczka says he's glad it wasn't worse.

      "Going through it wasn't that bad. It happened so fast. If the tree would have fallen on us, we would have been done," Kleczka said.