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      Change the clocks...change the batteries

      Daylight Saving Time begins this weekend and while you change your clocks, first responders recommend changing batteries, too.

      Many fire experts recommend households change batteries in both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors twice a year. First responders say since many of us can forget to change them, Daylight Saving Time can become the perfect reminder.

      "Then it gives you opportunity to test the smoke detector," said Fire Inspector Paul Enrietti. "We recommend that people test them once a month in addition to twice a year, and it's good for small children to hear that sound of the smoke detector go off because then if it does go off at night, or when there's an actual fire situation, they'll know what that sound is."

      You can get free batteries from the Marquette Fire Department. The department's Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery program receives donated batteries from the Energizer company, which are then distributed to the public for free.