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      Changes coming to Lakeshore Blvd.

      The shoreline along Lakeshore Boulevard could look very different in the near future. The Lake Superior Watershed Partnership held a public forum Monday to talk about the Lakeshore Boulevard Coastal Restoration Project.

      The partnership recently received a $58,000 grant from the state of Michigan. The project is in the early stages, and at this time, the city and officials involved just want public input.

      "The whole purpose tonight is to gather the community together, inform them that we were successful in securing some grant funding, talk about some of the issues, create issue awareness," said Dennis Stachewicz, the Director of Planning for Marquette. "And then talk about the future process that we're going to move forward with on this project."

      One of the possible aspects to the project could involve moving the rocks that have been placed along the east side of Lakeshore Boulevard. The road itself could also be moved back between 150-300 feet and the elevation raised to allow for more scenic views.