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      Changes coming to NMU campus

      Jamrich Hall was built more than 50 years ago and hasn't been renovated since, and many say, it shows.

      "It's weird, different," said Jack Johnson, a freshman at NMU. "At first, it was hard to find my class because every hall looks the same."

      They've been working for years to come to some kind of resolution to update the technological capabilities and old infrastructure before reaching their current plan: demolish Jamrich and Gries Halls, and construct a new building connected to the southeast side of the Learning Resources Center.

      "The advantages are outward, in peculiar the cost. It'll be the same amount of money, but cost less to maintain," said Vice President of Finance and Administration, Gavin Leach.

      They'll save $118,000 each year in operating costs because the new facility would be 36,000 fewer square feet. They're not worried about that decrease in space because typically there are several empty seats in Jamrich's large classrooms--classrooms that currently may contain only one electrical outlet and are not equipped for the latest teaching technology.

      "The new building will be highly efficient as well as hi-tech. We could have monitors at every desk, all around the classroom," Leach said.

      Another reason they're opting to head in this direction is they won't have to close or move classrooms until the build is complete. That's vital because this building hosts 40 percent of Northern's classes.