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      Changing speed limits

      A new speed survey might change the limit of 55 mph to 65 mph on two-lane highways. Speed limits were originally reduced by the federal government to 55 mph on highways in the 1980s to save gas.

      Randy Vanportfliet, Engineer with Michigan Department of Transportation, says the new study will be conducted in Gulliver.

      "We will look at that, figure out if, indeed, there is a basis to change the motor vehicle code max limit on freeways," said Vanportfliet.

      For the change to happen, there needs to be legislative approval.

      Currently, the only area in the U.P. with a 65 mph limit is between Gladstone and Rapid River.

      When studies are conducted, they take the driving speed of the 85 percentile of drivers. The research determines the safest limit in a given area.

      Joseph Pierson writes: "55 is a good speed for the U.P., I've seen too many accidents caused by someone not being able to stop in time."

      Officials say the tricky part to increasing the limit for a two-way highway is determining if it's safe enough. Sergeant John Bruno with the Michigan State Police says the greater number of shoulders, intersections, and driveways that are off the road, the greater the risk for possible crashes.

      "That's our number one goal in establishing a speed limit is to get a uniform flow of traffic, so traffic can travel in-obstructively through there and creating a safer environment," said Bruno.