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      Charter is going all digital in the U.P.

      Monday, Charter Communications began their switch to all digital channels across the U.P. The switch occurred in the Marquette area and will roll out across the rest of the U.P. over the next three Tuesdays. The switch now requires all Charter subscribers to use a digital box for every TV in order to watch programming.

      Changing over allows Charter to free up space on the system and offer more options in the near future.

      "Once the cutovers are complete in the Upper Peninsula, we'll be launching Charter Spectrum which is going to feature over 200 HD channels and a doubling of our flagship internet speeds from 30 megabits per second to 60 megabits per second at no additional charge," said Bill Morand, Regional Communications Director for Charter Communications.

      Another new feature that Charter has is a free app for Apple and Android that allow subscribers to watch Charter programming on their tablet or smartphone.

      Since the change occurred in Marquette, some channels have moved and you can find an updated channel guide for the Marquette area at

      If you still need a digital box for a TV in your home that does not currently have one, you can get one of these boxes in one of three ways:- Visit a Charter Store- Call them at 1-888-GETCHARTER- Head to