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      Checking out the National Weather Service

      Saturday the National Weather Service Office in Negaunee held a rare open house. The open house highlights the many tasks that are accomplished at the office every day. Visitors had an opportunity to learn about how forecasting is done, learn about weather safety, and even got to watch the launch of weather balloons, which is not something that is done very often at the office in Negaunee. It was also a great opportunity for children to get involved with weather at an early age.

      "My papa, he wanted me to learn how the weather works and I really wanted to learn how the weather works. We just saw the balloon go up and that was pretty cool," said nine year old Ally Maki.

      All kinds of fun and games were setup for children to learn about weather and weather safety. Visitors got a real treat Saturday because the next open house will not likely occur for four more years.