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      Checking your car before the snow falls

      Snow hasn't graced our presence just yet, but before it does, making sure your car is ready for the season may be a good idea. Mechanics at Quality Car Care Center say it starts with looking at your tires and checking for uneven wearing.

      "Tread depth, which is the amount of tread you have left on your tires; it's going to be a big thing in traction, especially our initial snowfalls which are usually wet, sloppy and slippery," said Jeff Contio, co-owner.

      New wheels typically start at a hundred dollars. Also, make sure they have the right pressure.

      Brakes are another important item. Making sure your brake pads are good helps maintain control of your vehicle while driving.

      It's also recommended to get your coolant system serviced.

      "Your antifreeze is going to be important as far as the protection of the level of degrees. If it's not to a low enough degree, when the weather gets cold, it actually will freeze. Your engine could overheat and leave you on the side of the road," Contio said.

      You should also get your battery tested to avoid a dead battery. New ones start around $40.

      Another tip: look for tearing and streaking with your wiper blades. Prices for getting your car serviced depends on what's getting fixed.