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      Cheese Lady completes cheddar sculpture

      The Cheese Lady has finished her "Milk Means More" creation at the U.P. State Fair.

      The point of this piece is to raise awareness of the health benefits of dairy products while entertaining the audience it draws. It took Sarah Kaufmann 68 hours, including one all-nighter, to complete her sculpture out of a 640 pound block of yellow cheddar. Kaufmann said she loves the happiness in this piece and the way the characters came to life. Fairgoers seemed to agree.

      "I think the 3D really adds to it and just makes it that many times more unique," says fair attendant Mallory Ramelis. "Where as if she carved faces into a 2D it wouldn't be quite as incredible, I don't think."

      You can see Kaufmann's creation all this weekend in the Miracle of Life Pavilion.