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      Cheese Lady creating a cheddar masterpiece

      The Miracle of Life Barn at the U.P. State Fair is home to Sarah Kaufmann, the "Cheese Lady."

      She is carving a 640 pound block of yellow cheddar into a unique picture. The process is taking place in a windowed refrigerator, kept at about 50 degrees.

      Kaufmann said she is expecting the entire project to take her about 50 hours. She plans on adding color and the slogan "Milk Means More" to her masterpiece. She hopes this will encourage kids to eat a healthy diet and incorporate plenty of dairy.

      "One of the most fun things is to see the kids' faces in the windows and they go, 'Wow!'" says Kaufmann. "We're doing our message as we said; think about your healthy snacks."

      Kaufmann's creation will be on display through Sunday.