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      Chenier's Greenhouse turns up the heat keeping plants alive

      The Upper Peninsula has been a vast white-land due to the snow and ice, showing little signs of greenery.

      Greenhouses in the U.P. have taken extra measures to protect what has grown during this harsh winter.

      Chenier's Greenhouse, Inc. in Gladstone has over three acres and 17 greenhouses filled with plants, vegetables and herbs.

      Record-breaking, below-zero temperatures have made maintaining the green stock in all of those storehouses more of a challenge this winter.

      "We have two layers of plastic. We blow about a foot of air in there and that acts as our insulation for the houses. We do have two Modine heaters in every house" says Roger Chenier.

      The Chenier family owns and operates the greenhouses. They say heating costs went up 25 percent this winter.