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      Chicken for charity

      The Gwinn Lions Club served up chicken and more at their annual barbecue Sunday.

      For more than 40 years, the Lions have been raising money for charity with the barbecue, and this year was another huge success. However, it fell behind by two hours, which has never happened before. Organizers say the coal wasn't getting hot enough, so it took longer to cook the chicken properly. They had 550 half chickens up for grabs and over 150 pounds of beans along with coleslaw, bread, ice cream, and milk. A full meal was only $10. Dozens arrived early to wait in line. Bonnie Popour was the first in line. She came prepared to bring seven meals back home for a family picnic.

      "The chicken is so awesome that everyone tries to be first in line. They don't start serving chicken until about 12, but we try and get here by 11:30 every year just to be first. We can't wait for the chicken," said Popour.

      The event normally raises about $2,000, which is used to support the community, including Bay Cliff Health Camp, and to help local residents afford eye care.