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      Chicken ticket leads to jail time

      A Marquette, Michigan man is behind bars on Thursday, due to contempt of court charges stemming from an incident involving a chicken-at-large ticket he was issued.

      Benjamin Hayden Stanley, ASNMU's 23-year-old President Elect, was originally issued a ticket for a chicken-at-large violation on September 1, 2011. Police say that a chicken belonging to Stanley was running loose, and neighbors complained about the animal being a nuisance.

      He denied responsibility and was requested to appear at a hearing on October 27, 2011. Stanley did not appear at that hearing, causing the court to issue a default judgment.

      On October 28, 2011 Stanley was issued a $90 fine, to which he did not respond, according to authorities. On December 27, a late fee was attached for a total fine of $108.

      In March of 2012 a show cause hearing was scheduled for March 30, which Stanley did attend. He pled not guilty to the charge of contempt of court. An attorney was appointed for him and his trial was scheduled for April 9.

      Stanley was found guilty at the bench trial, and deputies took him to jail immediately. He received a $250 fine and was sentenced to 10 days in jail.

      Both the ASNMU Board and the Dean of Students at Northern Michigan University have refused to comment about the situation.