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      Chickens in the city of Marquette?

      The Marquette City Planning Commission is discussing the possibility of allowing chickens within the city of Marquette. Currently, residents can be fined for having chickens within the city limits. Tuesday, a group of about 20 people were on hand to attempt to change that. The group feels that allowing residents to own chickens gives them the opportunity to live more organically.

      "I think as long as people can be educated and encouraged to do this appropriately and responsibly, then I think this can be an absolute win-win for the community," said Steve DeGoosh, who favors allowing chickens in the city of Marquette.

      Opponents are concerned about the noise and say that chickens belong on a farm, not in the city. The commission also approved a motion to gather reports from the health department regarding the health and safety of owning chickens. The group was also encouraged to organize an official proposal to bring to either the Planning Commission or the City Commission.