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      Children experiment with fun at annual fair

      Hundreds of kids learned a thing or two about experimenting and had fun along the way at the Children's Fair at Westwood Mall in M arquette.

      The annual event had several organizations on Saturday, like the Peter White Public Library and law enforcement, bring their resources to entertain the kids. In turn, the Ishpeming S trings offered up some tunes for the crowd.

      It's all part of the Marquette and Alger counties 4Cs that puts on the event in the name of fun.

      "Kids are such an important part of our life and our future, and it's nice to be able to give back to them, and it's a free event so you can come, and there's so many things for them to do. It's just a good learning and fun time for them," said organizer Patty Hillier.

      The event is in its 30th year.