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      Children explore the wonders of the Great Lakes

      As part of the celebration of Maritime Month at the Marquette Maritime Museum, Saturday was kids day. For kids day, children 12 and under received free admission to the museum. The big draw for the kids is the scavenger hunt that has them looking for specific items hidden in the exhibits.

      "Kids have to take the time to look at the exhibit, so they're also reading things and learning and actually absorbing information while they're looking for these pirates. So it makes it for a fun, educational experience for them," said Taylor Adams, Assistant Director of the Marquette Maritime Museum.

      In addition to the scavenger hunt, there was also face painting, refreshments, plus arts and crafts. The scavenger hunt is actually a part of the museum every day, but Saturday was a great day for the whole family to get in a fun and educational activity in before school starts back up.