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      Children put some love into art project

      Children of all ages got into the Valentine's Day spirit Sunday at Peter White Public Library in Marquette.

      As part of their art program, the library hosted a themed art project called 'Be My Valentine' where dozens of children applied their creative skills to decorating cookies and cutting out red and pink hearts.

      Imagination did not run low.

      "Kids love to be able to express themselves, and they're learning different ways to do that at school. They come here, maybe they've seen an example that they want to try and recreate, and it's really a great time to learn, and it's also a great time to bond; usually mom or dad is bringing them. But it's just a chance to make something that's theirs, that's unique about them," said Jeni Kilpela, of Youth Services.

      The art program's next gathering is next Saturday for a story hour themed 'Sled Dog Racing.'