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      Children show off fruits of their labor

      Every spring students at Michigan Tech Preschool hold an art fair. The different art projects are saved throughout the entire school year and then put on display. The preschoolers invite their family members and give them a tour of all of the colorful projects they have worked on. One of the many designs is a self image portrait drawn at the beginning and end of the year, and families get a chance to see the progression of each student's artwork.

      "We try to do open-ended art which means the children really get to use different mediums and different texture and different colors to prepare their artwork. It helps with their creativity and they are able to think independently and it also helps them express themselves," said School Director, Brita Odgard. Many proud parents brought their cameras to take pictures of the decorated classroom. This year's theme was based on books so every project on display relates to a book that was read in class.