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      Child's remains found in Orogrande, New Mexico

      Jackson Farrey

      El Paso Police Department confirmed remains of a child were found. Officials suspect it is the missing baby, Jackson Farrey.

      Tuesday, around noon, after a thorough investigation of the area, remains of a small child were located in the desert of Orogrande, New Mexico. The scene was held until Wednesday morning, and an autopsy is being performed Thursday in Albuquerque.

      â??We did locate the remains of a small child, a baby if you will, and those remains were sent to New Mexico," said Detective Mike Baranyay, El Paso Police Department. "A medical examiner will hopefully be able to identify the remains as well as a cause of death during the autopsy procedures."

      Authorities are unsure of how long this procedure will take.

      Wednesday, father Jeffrey Farrey was booked into the El Paso County Jail on charges of injury to a child by omission.

      â??Charges that we believe are accurate at this point. Those charges can be amended based on the results of the autopsy during the ongoing investigation,â?? Baranyay said.

      Farreyâ??s bond is set at $1.5 million.

      Jenna Farrey, 20, has an arrest warrant out for violating the terms of her five-year probation. In 2012, she pled guilty to child abandonment and endangerment after leaving then three-month-old Blake in an apartment without adult supervision.

      â??Until we know [the childâ??s identification] definitely, and we do suspect that they are Jacksonâ?|charges are going to have to be pending,â?? Baranyay said.

      The couple moved to Texas in 2011 when Jeffrey Farrey was stationed at Fort Bliss. Friday, the couple was reported missing and endangered by the city of El Paso, Texas.

      A document was found in the Farrey home, confirmed officials. However, they would not verify that it was a suicide note.

      The couple drove north in their Dodge Charger and stayed Friday night at the Gladstone Lakeside Motor Inn. Saturday, they checked into Escanabaâ??s Eagles Nest Motel where the couple was found and taken into custody.

      With them was 19-month-old Blake, who has been placed in local Child Protective Services. Missing was five-month-old Jackson and the family dog.

      Jenna currently remains in Delta County Jail, and there have been no updates on the whereabouts of the family pet.

      "I just think it's important to note that the corporation and the teamwork that was utilized in this case to hopefully recover the remains," Baranyay said, "and to resolve this case in less than a week is pretty impressive in the law enforcement committees. Especially given the fact the distance and so forth, and the other loop holes if you will, such as him being military, and, again, them just basically disappearing from El Paso. I think it speaks volumes to the teamwork and cooperation between law enforcement."