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      Chill out, dog!

      A thunderstorm and a nervous pet often go hand in hand. When cats get anxious, they tend to find a safe spot and stay there. But dogs may act out and become loud or even destructive.

      "People tell me their dogs run back and forth, in and out of rooms, hide in the bathroom, bark incessantly," said Jennifer Hallinen, manager at Mares-Z-Doats in Marquette.

      Thankfully, there are some products and methods that can help man's best friend relax. Many dog owners swear by the Thundershirt. They come in all sizes, and a single Thundershirt can last a lifetime.

      "A 'wearable hug' is kind of what they call it, so it comforts the dog all around their body," Hallinen said.

      On Facebook, Laurie Leppanen Hiltunen said, "I've had several friends use the Thundershirt on their pets with great results."

      There are also edible supplements marketed towards both cats and dogs that can help calm down your furry friend. They contain many natural ingredients found in similar products for humans.

      "The best time is to try and get it into the dog an hour or two ahead of the storm. That's not always feasible, but that's the best way to do it," said Dr. Tim Hunt, veterinarian at Bayshore Animal Hospital.

      As a preventative measure, try and desensitize your dog to loud noises as a puppy, but be careful. Dr. Hunt warns that extremely loud noises like gunfire can be traumatizing to a puppy. Whatever your method, it all depends on the dog.

      "So it's a matter of what works for your dog and see how it's successful or not," Dr. Hunt said.