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      Chinese students study U.P. forestry

      The Michigan State University Extension Service brought over 30 study abroad students from China to explore the economic aspects of forestry and agricultural production.

      ??We study the business operations,?? says Runsheng Yin, an associate professor of forestry economics at Michigan State University. ??The cost and benefits of different operations in the forest sector.??

      The Verso Paper Mill in Quinnesec was the first stop on their weeklong exploration.

      One of the students, Ting ??Sally?? Xu, says as economic and management majors, she and her peers need to know the success of an industry from the inside out.

      ??We have to know more about how the company produces its products so we could do more about managing,?? says Xu. ??I think getting more information is very important.??

      Verso's paper industry is a large contributor to Michigan??s economy and, therefore, an educational stop for students to see the full process of turning pulp into paper.