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      Chiropractor faces multiple sexual assault charges

      George Young faces charges of sexual assault
      Half a dozen victims testified in Alger County District Court Thursday about being sexual assaulted by a chiropractor. Munising resident George Young, 54, is charged with six separate counts of criminal sexual conduct in the fourth degree. The six victims testified that defendant George Young sexually assaulted them during chiropractic visits. All the testimonies revealed similar facts. Victims explained the doctor told them he was doing a rib adjustment and then felt their breasts both under and over clothing. Defense attorney Brandon Rickard claims his client was using legitimate chiropractic techniques. "You ever had to remove clothing for other doctors," questioned Rickard. "All necessary for treatments, correct?" He also alleged that the victims only sought out lawsuits after Munising News published an apology article from HealthQuest back in December. The article was published after Youngâ??s first misdemeanor assault and battery charge. The chiropractor pled guilty and was sentenced to 30 days in jail and was required to pay $1,525 in court fines. The article published sent out a formal apology by HealthQuest that states â??we put patients firstâ?? and continues that â??Dr. Young was immediately removedâ?? from their Munising office after his initial charges surfaced. The victim of his first assault conviction is also one of the six currently testifying against him in the criminal sexual conduct case. District Court Judge Mark Luoma bound over the matter to Circuit Court Thursday explaining there is enough probable cause to believe the offenses were committed. Young will be back in court on February 4 at 9 a.m. If convicted, he could face two years in jail. The judge granted the defendant a bond of $5000 on each complaint with the conditions that he can't leave the state or make contact with any of the victims.