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      Chiropractor sentenced for sexual assault

      George Young sentencing in Munising

      Sixteen months in prison; that was the sentence given to George Young, a former chiropractor in Munising.

      In October, a jury found Young guilty of seven out of the eight counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct.

      On Monday in Alger County Circuit Court, the 54 year old heard three victims speak. One victim called Young a predator while another said she felt violated and helpless.

      Before Young was sentenced, the judge said a considerable amount of damage was done, and hopefully the victims will find the support they need.

      "People deserve to know that when they go to seek treatment, that that's what they will receive, and they put faith in the system of all these professions that will happen and in this instance it did not," said Judge William Carmody, Alger County Circuit Court.

      During the sentencing, George Young declined to comment only saying, "Anything I would have to say would sound self-serving and narrow and wrong. I have nothing to state."