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      Chiropractors do more than crack the pain

      Cracking the problem is exactly what doctors at the Superior Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Marquette do. They say no matter how you twist it, it all starts with a healthy spine.

      "We all learn to take care of our eyes and our teeth, but you think of your nervous system, which controls everything, and what do we do for it?" said Dr. Michael Osborne.

      What they do doesn't involve invasive treatment like taking pain medication or surgery. Instead they adjust, looking for old injuries that may have healed wrong. They also work with the patient to improve their overall wellbeing. Patients like Linda Fassbender who's been seeing one for nearly 30 years.

      "My chiropractor has taught me how to sit properly, how to do some strengthening exercises," said Fassbender.

      "It's really all about function. If we can increase their function, getting them doing certain things outside the office, their life will be better," Dr. Osborne said.

      Many of you on Facebook said you visit a chiropractor for back pain, headaches, and even insomnia.

      "My family sees a wellness chiropractor every week. I have an imbalanced thyroid and blood sugar issues. If the spine is out of alignment, the whole body suffers," said Facebook fan Heidi Lassila.

      Still, chiropractors simply can't fix a more serious problem. Before deciding on alternative treatment, medical experts suggest visiting your family doctor first.

      "There are a number of serious problems, from kidney infections to aneurysms to cancer, that can all seem like back pain and, in fact, some of these are something far more serious that needs to be urgently addressed," said David Shahbazi, M.D at Family Care Doctors.