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      Choosing a phone

      Many people stay plugged into their phones throughout the day.

      If you're looking for the latest cell phone out there on the market, there's a phone that's sure to fit your needs. Whether you want more free apps or up to three days worth of battery life, the options are endless.

      Bruce Movalson recently got an iPhone 5. He sells insurance, and he likes having e-mail and a camera at his fingertips.

      â??In my business, I used to use a separate camera,â?? explains Movalson. â??Now I can use the camera right in the iPhone 5. I also like the ease of use. Itâ??s like a computer in your hands. You can make the argument you don't need a computer anymore. Itâ??s all right there in a phone."

      He especially likes how clear his photos turn out.

      The iPhone 4 has five megapixels, while the iPhone 5 has eight megapixels. More megapixels mean better quality for photos.

      While insurance on the iPhone costs more, store officials say another phone offers more free apps. They say 27 percent of apps on the iPhone are free, while 57 percent of apps on a Droid are free.

      Movalson says he's got technical help if he needs it.

      â??It helps to have a 16-year-old daughter at home, and she shows me how to run it," Movalson adds.

      All cell phones come in two-year contracts. If you're looking for long battery life, consider the Droid Razr Maxx HD. It's a big seller. The battery can last for two to three days. It also has removable storage.

      Movalson says he's sticking with his iPhone 5, but he plans on upgrading once the newest one comes out.