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      Choosing the perfect Christmas tree

      Do you have your Christmas tree already?

      How do you know which one to choose? The Teal Tree Farm in Bark River has been busy this time of year.

      At Teal Tree Farms, you can get a precut tree or take a horse carriage ride and pick your own tree.

      If you're looking to keep your tree up well past the new year, the best one is the Frasier Fir--it's a lot stronger--but if you're going to take it down soon after Christmas, your best bet is a spruce tree.

      "If you're gonna get your tree today and not put it up for another few days, I'd give it a fresh cut before you do because the sap tends to especially harden the bottom of the trunk with this warmer weather; it'll seal the bottom and then it doesn't drink water very well," said Joe Teal, owner.

      Once you've chosen your tree, you can get it wrapped up. They also have a gift store and bake sale.