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      Choosing the right humidifier

      Humidifiers add moisture to the air. They're usually used inside your home and they can prevent flu, cough, and cold symptoms.

      Humidifiers can cost as low as $20 or as high as $600.

      "One of the biggest ones that we sell are the evaporative humidifier which actually evaporates from a wick and puts it into the room. There're other kinds. There's hot water and then there's the ultra sonic that actually vibrates the water and evaporates it that way," said Keith Matson, Ace Hardware.

      The cheaper the product, the more likely it will have to be replaced. Experts say your best bet is to buy a humidifier that requires a wick. All you have to do is buy the replacement piece once the wick hardens. The replacement piece usually runs between $19 and $20.

      Dr. Bobby Joseph is an allergist who says there are some things to consider when using a humidifier.

      "If you're going to get a humidifier, it's best to keep the humidity around 50 percent. If the humidity is above 50 percent, dust mites thrive. If the humidity is above 60 percent, molds thrive," said Dr. Joseph.

      A furnace humidifier is regulated and controlled through the humidistat.

      "They usually run between $500 and $1,000 and that's all based upon the size of your home. They're designed to put humidity back into the air. If you have 50 degrees outside, you'll want to have less than 50 degrees inside," said Ray Sischo, Swick Plumbing and Heating consultant.

      If you're looking to save money, there are some household tricks you can use:

      1. Put a few plants around the house. They help add moisture to the air.

      2. Place a pot of water near a heat source.

      3. Leave the bathroom door open while showering to help add more moisture.