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      Christian Music Festival a success

      If you were looking for music, food, fun and faith on Saturday, Copper Peak Christian Music Festival was the place to be.

      It was the third annual Christian Music Festival, and though normally they would meet at Copper Peak, the inclement weather meant going indoors was in order.

      So the Cornerstone Community Church in Ramsay it was.

      Denise Haas helped to organize the event and says Copper Peak will still benefit from the festival. â??What we do is we take in three dollars per person, kids 12 and under are free; the three dollars goes directly, all of it, goes to Copper Peak,â?? said Haas.

      Directly to Copper Peak means the artists werenâ??t in it for the money, but they said they're all right with that. â??They like us here so we keep coming back,â?? said artist, Garrett Lefebvre, whose band is from out-of-state. â??Minneapolis area; we're North Minneapolis, our guitar and drummer, South Minneapolis.â??

      And though there was great company and great tunes, they said the festival is more than just having a good time. â??We just want to make a message for the church; we kind of want to see people wake up and start acting like the church again,â?? Lefebvre said. â??Itâ??s more ministry-focused now that it was before. [We're] trying to reach people with the life and light of Christ,â?? Haas said.