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      Christians come together

      Christians from different denominations gathered together for Day of Theology at Messiah Lutheran Church in Marquette. They say their message, "Christian unity," is needed more than ever.

      Pews were filled with clergy and people from the community, all with different Christian affiliations.

      "Why should we let our denominational differences take us away from our mission, which is to tell the world about Christ," said Steven Gualdoni, attendee.

      They are talking about Christian unity and hope of eternal life.

      Leading discussions were Lutheran Reverend Lowell Almen and Catholic Bishop Richard Sklba. They spent five years leading a national dialogue about their churchs' beliefs on The Hope for Eternal Life.

      "That our beliefs about that topic and its related issues are not church dividin;g they may be different, they may have different terminology and different experiences, but they are not church dividing," said Bishop Richard Sklba.

      Through their years of study and comparison, they have concluded they share more similarities than differences. They say focusing on the similarities is what's going to help bring them together, working past their differences. They also have been able to publish their findings in a justification report.

      "The emphasis is on the importance of baptism, the promise of God's eternal love, and the awareness of our being part of the ongoing life of the church, both here and in the time to come," said Reverend Lowell Almen.

      They say sharing these discoveries is essential in unifying the Christian faith between different churches.

      "There is always more work and hope for further things. We are to be one body of Christ, and this is one of the ways that may lead to that actually happening," said Judy Quirk, attendee.

      The Day of Theology concluded with a prayer session to unify the Christian faith.