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      Christians rock the house

      Do you like Christian music?

      There is a fairly new Christian band called The Well that performs every month at St. Louis The King Church. You might know some of the players. Father Ben Paris is the bass player. He says the name directly correlates to what they are trying to do.

      Last summer they came together and formed their band, The Well.

      "The woman at the well, she found Jesus," said Father Paris. "Jesus was talking to her about her life and everything. So we thought this is what we want to do--we want to bring the good news of Jesus to the people, and hopefully that's what they find when they come to our shows."

      The idea behind forming this Christian band is to spread the word of Jesus Christ, so they practice every week to have a Praise and Worship Night once a month. It gives people from the community a chance to come together and praise the Lord to some upbeat music.

      "I think it illustrates, for kids especially, that there's great music out there that is very positive," said guitarist Paul Lochner. "There's so much good music out there. In order to hear great music, you don't have to listen to the very negative themes; there is a lot of great music out there to listen to."

      Since they have been performing, they said more and more people show up, and they are hoping it keeps growing.

      For Father Paris, it's the first time he's been part of a Christian music band, and he says it's helped strengthen his spirituality.

      "I was able to get back into the music again, but also to realize another facet that I can bring my ministry. That's through music," Father Paris added. "So this is really a powerful thing. I'm sure the other guys feel the same way about this as well."

      You can join the worship Friday, January 18, at 7:30 p.m. at St. Louis The King Church in Harvey.