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      Christmas bazaar in Keweenaw

      Some people got a head start on their Christmas shopping Saturday.

      Calumet High School's lunchroom was filled with people for the annual Calumet-Laurium-Keeweenaw Christmas Bazaar Craft Show.

      Since the mid 1960s, people have been going to the CLK's Christmas Bazaar, and it continues to grow every year.

      More than 18 vendors were at the craft show with their homemade goods. There was everything from handmade apparel, jewelry, and baskets.

      "We just all look forward to doing it. It gives us an opportunity to show what we do ourselves and let the community know that they can come, you know, they might find something that they wouldn't find in a regular store," said Barbara Perreault.

      Perreault also says the turnout was great.

      The craft show ran until 2 p.m.