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      Christmas Belles lights up the stage in Escanaba

      There's a new comedy performance by Players de Noc that's now in rehearsals in Escanaba. It's called Christmas Belles, and it's a hilarious holiday journey that captures the misadventures of three sisters who live in a small Texas town.

      The characters in Christmas Belles may be a stretch from your family members. But the story is heartwarming and relatable this time of year.

      â??Thereâ??s a hustle and bustle during the holidays,â?? says Rachel Johnson, who plays G.J. Dubberly. â??In the play, Santa Claus is working a second job just because he needs extra income, which is relatable for a lot of people. You know, Christmas can get kind of expensive."

      The plot follows the events of the Futrelle sisters. One is weeks overdue with twins, and another is in jail after burning down half of a trailer park. And yet another suffers from hot flashes as she works on the Lamb's Christmas Program.

      â??Honey Raye is just a hoot,â?? says Jaqueline Love, who plays Honey Raye Futrelle. â??She is definitely not who I am in real life. Sheâ??s vivacious. She says what's on her mind. And it's nice to be able to escape into something like that."

      The production is sure to entertain, inspire, and remind people of the meaning of the holiday season.

      â??There are some messages on family closeness and kind of pulling together through the holidays and remembering what's important," Johnson explains.

      Tickets are on sale at, at the Bonifas Art Center, and at the door. The show opens November 30, and performances run December 1, 2, 6, 7, and 8.