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      Christmas decorations in red, white, and blue

      With Christmas a few weeks away, there are many people who have already decided to put up decorations.

      Red and green are the traditional colors that seem to decorate the front of homes, celebrating Christmas, but in Lake Linden, there is a house with a red, white and blue theme. That's because its resident is a former Marine who recently came back home on October 30.

      "I've been decorating for about seven years now, and whether there's snow on the ground or not, I'll still put Christmas lights on my house for this time of season," said Marine Corps Sergeant Erick Baccus. "This took about three days to do, just to get the sound to lights."

      Though it may not seem like it, there are over 5,000 lights on his home and the lights chime to the different holiday themed music playing. Eric says quite a few cars have stopped by to look at the lights.

      This festive display won't be coming down until January 2, so anyone who is interested in stopping by still has plenty of time.